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Visit the Parade of HomesSM Tour September 7-29, 2019


Decorating with Winter Whites

December 2, 2016

We all know the best part about the winter months isn’t icy wind, below zero temperatures, or defrosting our cars.  No, it’s when the fresh, fluffy flakes beautifully blanket our trees and yards.  This always seems to soak up our winter woes if but only for a moment.  Some enjoy this more than others, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  Bring a little of the snowy essence indoors. Opting for a winter-like white as a neutral doesn’t have to be boring.  Ivory rooms can be stylish and evoke a spa-like tranquility in your home.  Think about a new retreat for your home with a few tips for decorating with winter whites.

Play up neutrals – while white is the perfect backdrop for dramatic pops of color, keep it simple with grey, black, brown or beige neutrals for a luxe elegance

white-bathroom-designPHOTO SOURCE:

Add contrast – dark floors are nicely paired in white rooms to add depth and help play up other ebony accents (try a dark wall with white accents too)

img_4287PHOTO SOURCE: Robert Thomas Homes – Broadmoor

Add texture – when you’re not using a lot of color or pattern in your design, keep the look interesting by adding texture with different types of crates, wallpaper, fabrics, or soft, furry pillows and throws

winter-white-interior-design-ideas-white-roomPHOTO SOURCE:

Illuminate – keep your space well-lit for a bright, airy feel or to add detail with a unique chandelier or ceiling light fixture; the trick to a chic white space is all in the details

winter-white-lightingPHOTO SOURCE:

Keep it simple – for a contemporary or modern look, stick with clean lines, crisp linens, and sleek tables and accents

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