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5 Spring Decorating Ideas

April 13, 2015

Many of us who live in Minnesota only suffer through the long, brutally cold winters to enjoy the gorgeous Spring and Summer days. AND it’s that time of year again, Spring! Winter time blues fade away with the greens and yellows of springtime, and it’s a beautiful thing. In celebration of this happy time of year, we have asked Amy Heimermann, Lead Designer with our staging company, Ambiance at Home, to offer some great ideas for putting a little Spring in your step…and in your space!

Here are 5 Spring decorating ideas that Amy suggests:

1. PLAY UP THE GREEN.  Grace your rooms with plants.  Try a palm fern to brighten up a corner, large glass containers filled with airy greenery on a cocktail table, or lively succulents lining your dining table.  Make sure to keep those plants looking their best with floral spray to keep that fresh, spring look.



2. TRY A PILLOW REMIX OR FRESH COAT OF PAINT.  A fresh coat of paint is often just the right touch to brighten things up and rearranging furniture can freshen up a space in no time. One of Amy’s all-time favorite ways to create a little spring fever (at no cost, by the way!) is to remix pillows and accessories.  Take a few minutes to gather up all your pillows, and then redistribute them. Peruse a few of these pillow ideas from HGTV.  Think outside the box, try new color combinations.  Do the same with your accessories, and you may find a new look for your space emerging right before your eyes.




PHOTO SOURCE: Robert Thomas Homes -Acadia Floorplan/Staged by Ambiance At Home

3. GIVE YOUR FIREPLACE A FACELIFT.  After a long winter, fireplaces are ready for a good clean out and a new look.  Try a candlescape.  Candles are a great way to create warmth and invitation while keeping things fresh and clean.  Be sure to check out the battery operated and flameless options, too!  Click here to see more ideas on Pinterest.

fireplace candlescapes


4. EXTEND YOUR LIVING SPACE OUTSIDE.  Setting up a room outside is always the right answer when weather becomes warmer.  Pull together some seating, a cocktail table and a few accessories in a spot that makes you smile.  Laying down a layer of stones to define the space is a good idea .  An impromptu “awning” of outdoor fabric can also be a nice touch.  Make sure whatever furnishings you use are outdoor-friendly enough for the space you set up.  And, as always, candles, candles, candles!



5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE VIEW.  Similar to above enjoy the outdoors…but from inside. Play up that outdoor view by reorienting furniture so that you get the best of the outdoor vista your space has to offer.  You can also make simple changes to your draperies in order to let more of that springtime light in.  Consider taking down your heavier drapes and replacing them with inexpensive sheer panels for the spring and summer.  Check out sheer styles with tone-on-tone patterns like damask or geometrics.  You can always tie your existing drapes back, too.



Another way to give your home that Spring zest is to incorporate a few pastels. Check out these pastel design ideas for your home.

Be sure to check out Ambiance At Home’s Facebook page for more décor inspiration.  Like Amy’s suggestions? Scope out her other guest post on “How to Prepare Your Home to Sell.”

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