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Visit the Parade of HomesSM Tour September 7-29, 2019

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Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

May 6, 2019

We all know what is associated with springtime… whether you like it or not- it’s cleaning! After being cooped up in your house all winter it’s time to open the windows and clear out the house. Cleaning can feel overwhelming at times. You may find yourself asking questions like “Where do I start?” “How do I KEEP my house clean?” Well, panic stops here. Slip your rubber gloves on and take a deep breath. It’s time to get down to business. Here are our top ten cleaning tips for your home.

  1. Tackle one room at a time as opposed to doing a little in each room
  2. Focus your energy in one location and do a little each day. What’s the rush?
  3. Set aside a small amount of time each day and dedicate it to just cleaning and don’t skip
  4. Pillow and comforters only need to be washed two-three times a year, so make them a priority during your yearly spring cleaning session
  5. Wash your windows when it’s cloudy because the direct sunlight may dry the cleaner before you can wipe it off, leaving streaks
  6. Don’t forget the closets and drawers. Toss or donate the clothes you haven’t worn in a year to keep your wardrobe from overflowing
  7. Get rid of unnecessary items like magazines, catalogs, makeup you never use, and coffee mugs collecting dust
  8. Dedicate a day to tackle the refrigerator. Pop out the door shelves and bins and wash in warm soapy water to get rid of food bacteria and spillage
  9. Dust all your forgotten places like lampshades and drapes, and window coverings
  10. Double up on doormats to trap the most dirt before it gets in your house. Keep one outside of the door and one inside

There you go, our top 10 Spring cleaning tips for your home. Feel free to follow this list at your own pace, break down your tasks by day, week, or month, so you can get the job done without feeling overwhelmed. Or even delegate some tasks to other household members and make it a fun activity for everyone to enjoy!

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