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home office refresh

Home Office Refresh with a Spring Spin

April 5, 2016

Springtime is the perfect season for revitalizing a home office. From cleaning to clearing clutter, there’s no better time to give an office space a fresh facelift than during spring. Cheery colors, bright floral accents and colorful paint can transform a tired and dreary office into a productive and sunny space. Here are some inspired ideas to refresh your home office into an energized space for work and creativity.

While many offices are going sleeker with more dark furnishings and hard surfaces, bucking this trend by creating a farmhouse style office is one way to truly usher in spring. A warehouse ceiling light fixture adds vintage and industrial ambiance while striped wallpaper is playful with a retro spin. A yellow color palette is the perfect backdrop for modular bookshelves and a wooden writing desk.

home office refresh
PHOTO SOURCE: House to Home via Luxe Decor

Adding a splash of bright color, like a grassy green or sherbet yellow to an accent wall can take an office from bland and boring to warm and welcoming. A bold wall shade stimulates ideas and allows for more imaginative brainstorming. Finish off a spring office makeover with more nods to the season by adding artificial flowerpots, water can décor and ceramic bunnies for a garden vibe.

home office refresh PHOTO SOURCE: Home-Designing via Luxe Decor

Loud colors and zany décor might be just the ticket to giving a office space some new life. While colorful paint is often the go-to, there are other options for injecting a room with flair. Try some gecko wallpaper or a crystal chandelier to amp up the cool factor. Yellow cabinetry and a fuchsia colored desk make any office more peppy and perky.

home office refresh
PHOTO SOURCE: Better Decorating Bible via Luxe Decor

A stylish office space need not feel stuffy and sterile. Add a burst of fresh color and charm to an office space by decorating with brightly colored lamps in lemon, fern colored side tables and accent chairs with tangerine designs. A few pieces of strategically placed wall art will create interest while colorful throw pillows add a touch of whimsy. Outfitting an office with an array of rainbow colors can make it homier. LuxeDecor has a wide selection of club and accent chairs to fit any modern or traditional space.

home office refresh
PHOTO SOURCE: Better Homes and Gardens via Luxe Decor

Many Robert Thomas’ home plans include both rooms suitable for home offices as well as built-in desk areas, as seen below from the Afton floor plan. Neutrals such as white, gray, beige and/or popular “greige” bring a calm and serene feel but for spring you can always zest it up a bit.  Spice up a neutral room color with a pop of color using a fun bulletin board, green lush plants (real or faux) or even some fun artwork.

11328 Blazingstar Lane, Lake Elmo_038
PHOTO SOURCE: Robert Thomas Homes – Afton Home Plan

So, whether you decide to commit to an office overhaul or just want to add some fresh furnishings and gleeful décor, there are tons of options for giving a workspace renewed joy. Pick from bright colors, rustic design, whimsical furniture or over-the-top décor for a spring office that is better than ever.

Guest Post By Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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